Tile Wall. Each year the CPTO provides essential funds for classrooms and the school, whether it’s for microscopes and markers for the kindergartens, foam core sheets for the 1/2’s Wampanoag tribe dioramas, or Improv Boston’s anti-bullying presentation for our 3rd and 4th graders. Even the paint used to brighten the walls of the math classroom on Make a Difference Day was paid for by the CPTO.

Supplemental classroom library books and notebooks are top priorities, but funds for the facilitation of  more project-based learning are being requested, too. With your help, we can fulfill these and other wishes as well.


You can donate by clicking below:

Here’s a list of other materials, projects and adventures recently funded by CPTO:

From Justin Cravens, Cambridegport Kindergarten Teacher
“CPTO funds help me purchase games such as Candyland, Twister and Uno, which are an important part of the social curriculum—and teach math and left from right, too—but aren’t paid for by the school district.”

From Lindsay Barton, Cambridgeport 1st Grade Teacher:
“Last year the 1-2 team used CPTO funds to buy books related to our science curriculum of Life Cycles. I bought as many titles as I could and leveled them so that both 1st and 2nd graders could access them.”

From Jill Fousek, Cambridgeport 3-4 Teacher:
“The CPTO provided scholarships for many of our 3-4 students to attend the annual overnight trip to Camp Becket. CPTO funds also paid for the visit to the New England Aquarium to see its traveling tidepool habitat.”

From Isabel Eccles, Cambridgeport 5th Grade Teacher:
“I’ve used my CPTO money to support our animation project, to buy specialized art materials, equipment, a stipend for our visiting artist, etc. It’s wonderful to have this special pot of money that’s all our own to decide how to spend. It really supports our ability to integrate projects into our classrooms.”

As you can see, teachers depend on the CPTO to help our children more fully engage with the school and reach their academic goals. Your contribution will help us continue to grant their important requests. Please ask other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles), too, if they can help. Every little bit can make a world of difference for our children’s education.

Eligible contributions are tax deductible. As well as donating online, you can make a donation by check. Please make your check payable to “Cambridgeport Parent Teacher Organization” and place it directly into the CPTO mail slot in the school office, or mail it to:

Cambridgeport Parent Teacher Organization
c/o Cambridgeport School
89 Elm Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


DID YOU KNOW: Many companies match employees’ donations when they submit receipts. Please find out if your employer supports this terrific policy.

Thanks so much for your support!

The Board of the Cambridgeport PTO