Our School

The Cambridgeport Public School

Located at 89 Elm Street (between Broadway and Hampshire) near Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, our JK–5 school serves one of the most economically diverse and multinational student populations in Cambridge.


The Cambridgeport School began in 1990–91 with a single kindergarten class in the Cambridgeport section of Cambridge. A decade later it moved into the former Fletcher School building in the Area IV neighborhood. After many years as a JK–8 school, Cambridgeport became JK–5 in the fall of 2012, with more than 260 students in 13 classrooms and two Special Start classrooms.

From the beginning, the school was built upon the idea that teachers and families can work together as a community toward assuring success for every child. The school values the culture and beliefs that each child brings to the classroom.


All of the teachers share the philosophy of Developmental Learning—understanding that children develop in similar ways, but each child has his/her particular rate and style of learning. Teachers provide learning experiences that guide and capture our students’ interests, helping develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in life.

We believe in having high standards for academic achievement, in the context of a community that works together. As a community of learners, each student is expected to take responsibility for his/her own learning, while collaborating, supporting and respecting others.


  • The Cambridgeport School is renowned for its Comprehensive Student Portfolios. The portfolios capture highlights of each student’s K–5 career.
  • Academic and enrichment programs and partnerships include: Underground Railway Theatre, Affinity Club, Girls on the Run, CitySprouts School Garden Program, 5th grade Farm School overnight trip, 4th grade Camp Beckett Trip, 3rd grade theater and more!
  • A Sampling of C’Port Events:  All School Shares, Make a Difference Day, Math Game Night, Read-a-Thon, Spring Fling, Virtual Talent Show, Winter Solstice Stroll & more.