Treat Train 2024

Sign up for the Treat Train! It’s running from January 22nd to June 3rd.

Help us say thank you to our amazing teachers and staff who work hard for our students every day. Each week Cambridgeport families are invited to bring in baked goods, savory treats, fruit, coffee or other yummy eats for teachers and staff. In lieu of food, fresh flowers or written notes are also a great way to say thank you! This has been a really fun and wonderful way to show teachers and staff how much we care, and the gesture is greatly appreciated by all! To participate, simply visit the site below and pick your day, then deliver your treats to the front desk that day.

Sign up for the Treat Train today! Your support means so much to our fabulous teachers and staff. Thank you!!

About the Treat Train

Our teachers and staff play a huge part in making our school great. And we can’t thank them enough for all that they do for our children. In the winter of 2022, after a fire in the school, we launched the Treat Train to show our support and appreciation, and we are excited to keep this tradition going!

Each week, we invite families of the school to deliver a gift food and beverages to share with our teachers and staff. It could be a basket of fruit, bagels, homemade cookies, chocolates, salty snacks or really anything you can dream of. But it’s really a great way to show our thanks and let the staff know we support them.

To participate, all you need to do is pick a day – or two! – that you’d like to treat the CPORT staff to a delivery of coffee, home baked goodies, fruit baskets, salty snacks or whatever you can dream up! Any given day there are 60-80 staff members in the building, so we have set this up with two slots each week, so friends of C
PORT can share hosting duties. And there is no pressure to provide for all, a little goes a long way!

I know our teachers and staff greatly appreciated the show of support last year and felt lucky to be part of such a supportive community!

This year was such a success which so many families contributing that we have added additional slots. Sign-up today and share the love!

Simply choose from the available slots (days) and then deliver your treat to the main office on your assigned day.

Thank you all who have signed up!