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[col2 ]This year Cambridgeport school is holding our first Read-a-thon! 🐼📚💜 A read-a-thon is a community event to build excitement for reading and to meet a schoolwide goal.

Cambridgeport students are trying to reach a goal of 150,000 minutes of reading in just four weeks! After we meet our goal we will have a fun school celebration!

This is the sheet that students are coloring in as they read. You can click this image to print more copies, if you want.

20 minutes of reading every day can help boost children’s reading skills and vocabulary, and help support our school’s love of reading. If all Cport students read, or are read to, for 20 minutes a day, we will reach our goal of 150,000 minutes in four weeks! All reading counts! Novels, graphic novels, non-fiction, listening to audiobooks, magazines, being read to, reading to siblings (or pets!) – any type of reading is great.

Students will read and keep track of their reading in library with our amazing librarian Lynn Van Auken, but we hope children will also read at home. They will bring home a sheet that can help them keep track of their time, which they can color in (the sheet will come home in folders and looks like a game board).

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Please support the Cambridgeport Parent Teacher Organization!

The Read-a-thon is also a fundraiser for our school. Please share this donation page with family and friends! Donations are not connected to individual students, and it is not a competition. We hope donations in support of the Read-a-thon will be a major fundraiser for our school this year.

The PTO supports our community in many ways:

  • We provide money to teachers to buy needed supplies and books for their classes, as well as for professional development and special projects.
  • The PTO gives gift cards for groceries to Cport families to help with food costs at Thanksgiving and over winter break. In 2021 we provided gift cards for 47 families.
  • We provide staff appreciation meals and treats.
  • We subsidize the costs of field trips and purchase gear for overnight trips, such as sleeping bags.
  • We host fun events, such as Spring Fling, Math and Pasta Night, and Make A Difference Day, and many more events.


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Read-a-thon 2022 – Support the Cambridgeport PTO so that we can support our school! Feel free to send this page to any friends and family who might also like to contribute!